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Aquired Assests

A Channel Breakfast Show  April 2005

APTN Entertainment Beat  May 2005

Calgary Sun  April 2005

OLN Network  July 2005

Calgary Herald  July 2005

Trois Rivieres TV  July 2006

Global TV Calgary July 2007

City TV Calgary July 2007



Throughout my life, my artistic passion has always been the human figure and portraiture. I feel that we are related to all creatures on this earth, but will always have a special connection to people. We see ourselves mirrored in each other’s faces. We will see qualities we admire and aspire to, and sometimes we will see qualities we are uncomfortable with.

Loving history the way I do, it was only natural that I would gravitate towards the aboriginal people in my work after moving to Alberta. Rather then just painting a photographic translation of the person, I strive to peel away the layers, and paint from the heart. I project my emotional response to the individual, as well as their personal story. Many of my works incorporate symbols from that individual’s life and culture, a personal “diary” you could say.

I can only hope that after seeing my work, the viewer may come away with a emotional reaction to the subject, and perhaps a greater interest in learning more about the First Nations’ culture, history, and spirituality. Many of these people have contributed so much to our heritage, but remain a mystery to most. But then again, perhaps it is the mystery of the human spirit that intrigues us all so much.

Michele Zarb

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