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Doug and Donna Swinton are close personal friends, who have supported me in my artistic journey (and personal trials!) unconditionally for years.  They have built a fabulous company that goes above and beyond in servicing artists and students alike.  Swinton’s Art Supplies offer the full range of art materials and advice, quality instruction for students of all levels, and complete framing services.

An amazingly talented artist, sculptor, and jewelry designer, whom I am fortunate enough to also call a close friend.  I personally own many of her pieces, which I will always treasure.

Alex’s paintings always make me smile.  They are vibrant, whimsical, and always have a slight twist to keep you wondering.  Thanks for all the long conversations about solving the world’s problems that go late into the night.
John Cloutier is so busy sculpting, cooking, and teaching that he doesn’t have much time to keep his website updated.  He is very dear to me, and I enjoy his cooking  almost as much as I enjoy his beautiful artwork in my home.

Travis is an amazing flint knapper I met last year.  His knives, arrows, and tools are the “real thing”.  The patience, skill, and artistry that goes into his work is rare in this day and age.

We just call her the “Bear Lady”.  Her oil paintings of animals are powerful, but sensitive at the same time.  Her own beautiful spirit shines in her artwork.

Many, many thanks for all her help.  Her internet marketing and web design skills have made this all possible for me.  With all her help, I can do more of what I do best...paint.


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